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While all children grow and change at their own rate, some children can experience delays in their development. Early Intervention (EI) is a statewide program, available locally, consisting of services designed to help families support the development of their young children. Early Intervention provides coaching to caregivers during everyday routines. High quality early intervention services can change a child’s developmental trajectory and improve outcomes for children, families, and communities.


In Bucks County, the legal guardian of any child under 3 years of age can contact us directly to refer their child. You will first speak with a supervisor, who will answer your questions and gather some initial information. Each family is then assigned a service coordinator who will take you step-by-step through the process and be your main point of contact moving forward. There will be an option to complete a screening for your child or move right to scheduling an evaluation to determine eligibility for services.

Early Intervention builds upon the natural learning that is already occurring wherever and however your child spends their day. We will provide responsive supports that are individualized to meet your family’s needs.


An evaluation will be provided to determine if your child meets eligibility criteria—a delay in one or more areas of development or if they already have a medical diagnosis that indicates a high probability of developmental delay.

If it’s determined that your child is eligible, an Individualized Family Service Plan will be written to outline your goals for your child and the services we can provide to support you in helping your child meet those outcomes.


State and Federal law requires that early intervention services be provided to eligible children at no cost to families. Our Early Intervention Program at Lenape Valley Foundation receives an allocation from the Office of Child Development and Early Learning to offer these services.

Watch our virtual workshop on Early Intervention Services
Michelle Taylor, Director of Early Intervention Services at Lenape Valley Foundation, reviews infant and toddler developmental milestones and who to call if you have a concern. An overview of early intervention services, including evaluations, eligibility and the coaching model, is provided.


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