Trauma-Informed Care is mental health treatment that incorporates:

  • An appreciation for the high prevalence of traumatic experiences in persons who receive mental health services
  • A thorough understanding of the profound neurological, biological, psychological and social effects of trauma and violence on the individual (Jennings, 2004)

Trauma Informed Care (TIC) is a holistic, person-centered approach to treatment that understands and incorporates the biological, psychological, neurological, and social impact of trauma on an individual.  On December 13, 2011, a Trauma Training for Bucks County Behavioral Health staff and administration was sponsored by Magellan to promote agency adoption of TIC practices.  This was the start of Lenape Valley Foundation’s Trauma Informed Care Agency Planning Committee. The committee incorporates a cross section of LVF staff and peer specialists. For more information about joining LVF’s TIC Committee, please contact Kara Sharp at 267-893-5112.

Trauma Informed Care Toolkit

In order to promote and facilitate the journey towards wellness, the Trauma Informed Care Committee offers a toolkit of links to guided exercises, coping skills and strategies that can be followed as needed.

April 2022 – Progressive muscle relaxation is a method that helps relieve tension. You will be tensing groups of muscles as you breathe in, and relaxing them as you breathe out. Muscle groups are worked on in a certain order. When your body is physically relaxed, anxiety drastically decreases. Included below are two guided exercises for PMR. (female voice) (male voice)

July 2022 – Solution-Focused Self Prompts – Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is a short-term approach that counterbalances intense emotions, identifies meaningful coping strategies, cultivates competencies, and navigates gradual steps for the immediate future. The strategies enhance an individual’s resilience, decreases distress and minimizes risk of re-traumatization.

Some of the strategies involve prompts in the form of questions that we encourage use of outside of therapy. Our TIC Tip for this month will incorporate solution-focused questions, aimed at facilitating our own improvement.

Prompt 1: What has been happening that you want to keep happening?

Prompt 2: How can you do more of this, and continue to do more of what is already working?

Our suggestions for this month incorporate nature and the arrival of sunny and warm weather: taking more walks, spending more time in nature/outdoors, increasing physical activity, taking the next positive step, mindful stretching for 5 minutes – outdoors on a warm day, if possible!