Tobacco cessation counseling services are provided for mental health consumers in a group format that is open to all consumers, regardless of their stage of change or readiness to quit their tobacco use. The group is held weekly, is ongoing, and is facilitated by a nurse navigator or tobacco dependence professional, both proficient in knowledge in providing tobacco dependence education to mental health consumers.

Participants may be referred by a mental health professional or by self-referral.  A readiness assessment is completed by the assigned tobacco dependence professional or nurse navigator as well as a complete Tobacco Dependence Assessment.  The Readiness assessment includes the 5 A’s:  Ask about tobacco use, Advise to quit, Assess willingness to make a quit attempt, Assist in quit attempt, Arrange follow-up.

Groups are held weekly, on Thursdays, for one hour and are limited to twelve participants per group. Groups are added on additional days and times to increase availability of the service for consumers. Clients will also have individual sessions available to them as requested. Therapists and prescribers will also be given education about how to help clients who wish to stop tobacco use.

For more information about the Tobacco Cessation Program, please call 267-893-5451.